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Buck-Tick single MVs introduction and review.
Introduction and review. Maybe it's not very descriptive for the PV scenes n story lines (well, if there're story lines…), but we're not aiming at giving u the detail filming scripts of the PVs, right? Here is just some basic info of the visual element in the PVs, n what we think of them. Wanna get the whole picture? Go n watch them yourself. ^_~


release date: 21/10/1986
director: unknown
-- i haven't seen it so far. wonder if they'd ever made a MV for this single...


Just One More Kiss
release date: 16/10/1988
director: unknown
-- Most easily available one from oldest bunch of BT PVs. Available in many PV collection videos. Everybody in their big hairdo n suits with sky high shoulder pads. The funniest thing is the white stage they're performing on…so very 80s!! Oh, notice the shiny lip gloss on the vocalist boy?


Aku No Hana
release date: 24/1/1990
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Playing studio live in a dark dungeon-like room, decorated with smoking pipes which looked like snakes. BT dressed all in black (look at the nightmarish one-length hair cut of Hide!!!) playing live. Not a very memorable MV...the standard stuff u would have expected for a standard visual band.


release date: 21/1/1991
director: Hayashi Wataru
Also BT playing live in a dark place. Featuring a gradually melting ice-carved sculpture of a human head spilt with colour paints. Yet to find out what it means...


release date: 5/6/1991
director: unknown
-- Intercutting images of Atsushi squirming on bed, studying a woman's body, crawling into a corner screaming etc. absolutely fitting the title of the song


release date: 30/10/1991
directort: unknown
-- Based on an ancient story, said Hide. Medieval setting. Sepia film. A woman walking across a desert, a man bearing a wooden cross falling over a dune, the woman kissing an erected cross. Intercut with BT playing acoustic live on a swirling stage. A very well made MV. Pay close attention to this live clip, it looks like Atsushi is crying when he sings...


release date: 21/5/1993
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Come back PV after one year n a half's transformation. Scary in terms of their look, eg the styling of Hide, fish-like haircut of Imai… Translucent scarf draped set. Ice laid background. The scariest part is that the Caucasian model girl did look like Atsushi in heavy make up! By the way, he commented that it's the most beautifully made PV of BT in an interview in 1995.


release date: 21/10/1993
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Artificial flower bad everywhere. BT turned into zombies in silver face paint. Also scary, I think. But well, that's the style of 1993. Somehow I did feel a kind of strange beauty beaming from Atsushi…it's like the kind of devil smile of his from DTD tour pamphlet….Love love the last scene of them all lying in flower-donned coffins!


release date: 24/3/1995
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Fierce BT playing live in studio, though it's not the real BT. It's a BT formed by Ringo Starr, Kurt Cobain, Lenny Kravitz, and "madam mysterious". Errr, sorry, I can't figure out who is U-ta…. very clever n stunning concept. Very entertaining to watch even if u don't care what they're actually doing. Trademark BT PVs.


release date: 21/4/995
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Superb idea. The band simply stand in the background, rarely move, n sometimes whispering muted words into the ear of Atsushi lying on the ground. Atsushi, lying there still, sometimes blank faced (we say it's like a dead goldfish), sometimes cried. As simple as that but it's enough to make me cry every time I watch it. What a magic gift Hayashi san had given us. By the way, who can make out what Imai is shouting to Atsushi? What is the phase that u would think of? Haha, try to get it from reading his lips…


release date: 21/9/1995
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Imagine u film BT guys playing live on black n white, u play the clip with biggest contrast so everybody's face is all distorted to merely patches of black n white. That is this PV. What u see is what is it, believe it or not? I like it, honestly, though people say it's a too weird.


release date: 22/5/1996
director: Full from Guniw Tools
-- I couldn't see what's the point of this PV. They flew a long way to some place in Hokkaido to film it…everyone is freezing, but the result is miserable! The only point worth watching it Hide. It suits more to be a GT PV more than a BT PV...


release date: 12/11/1997
director: Imai Kousei
-- Live clips inside a half-torn enclosed room. Water splashing everywhere. Oh, the lip gloss is back!!! Not very special.


release date: 11/3/1998
director: Imai Kousei
-- Story of the werewolf basically, but the hero changed to a heroine of an innocent girl. With the power of fullmoon, n the touch of Atsushi, she turned into a erotic dancer…errr. U see more of her breasts than the faces of BT. Anyway, a super cool PV with very good filming technique. Best scene of all: Hide sitting dead on the ground with the girl looking down on him...n funniest of all: Imai's disgusted face whenever the girl touched him...haha! the devilish smile of Atsushi just cannot be missed!!!!


release date: 13/5/1998
director: unknown
-- Strange PV in black n white. Our dear Atsushi is tied to the ceiling with his head hanging down. So, u have the idea? His face became kinda strange under the pull of gravity. Actually he looked like a duck...~___~;; other members are playing live as usual in the studio. I keep on thinking that they could make a better PV out of this song.


Bran-new Lover
release date: 14/7/1999
director: Yamaguchi Hiroki
Bran-new BT turned into Psycho Le Cemu. I'm not kidding! The guys do look like these boys with their weird outfit put on! U've never seen BT in these pastel colours before. Not dark of all (though some shots are kinda scary...), up-beat n light. Perfect for the song. Those long legs of Hide, Imai's lion king hairdo, Atsushi's laughs are priceless!


release date: 20/10/1999
director: Yamaguchi Hiroki
-- I don't know how to describe this PV…it's like a fairy tale. First u see Atsushi draped in white, standing against the wind. Then u see Hide as a wanderer playing guitar next to a bonfire. After that, it's the rest three like travellers. Imai picked up a suitcase containing a snake, but it turned out that the fairy dwelling inside are just organs (I mean real organs like lungs, intestines etc). Awesome n hallucinating. U'll have to watch it yourself to catch the dreamscape inside. Side note: this PV was awarded as the best of the year by a tv station in Japan.


release date: 6/9/2000
director: Yamaguchi Hiroki
-- Not as special as other PVs by Yamaguchi Hiroki. The band playing live in a glass studio. Sometimes with calculated pretty shots of individual members.


21st Cherry Boy
release date: 21/11/2001
director: Yamaguchi Hiroki
-- Haha! See Atsushi doing Madonna American Pie dance! They're playing live in a red studio. Sometimes doing the strange dance they used to have when they're 15 years younger…kind of an eye candy if u like Atsushi n Imai. If they take out the two dancer girls it would be better…


kyokuto yori ai o komete
release date: 19/2/2002
director: Hayashi Wataru
-- Worst one since Candy! Fire burning down the house (suppose it's a house) at their back. They were playing live in the water's edge…yeah, that's all u could see I'm afraid…