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BT unofficial books / mags could not to be missed!


Jan 90 Rockin'On Japan
>> maimai 20000 words interview, very interesting


Jan 90 Pati Pati Rock n Roll
>> BT tuned into supermen... see their weird smiling faces.....


Jun 90 Pati Pati
>> you see how cute mai mai is? ~~~~


Jul 90 Pati Pati
>> a breif interview about their comments on TOUR
>> i miss hide with long hair.......


Mar 91 Pati Pati Rock n Roll
>> Aku no Hana times. dangerous lovers pics of Atsushi n Maimai


Sep 92 Rockin On Japan
>> have you seen this little boy before?
>> maimai interview with Zelda (his idol)
>> Imai: I'm your fan!! I like all of the songs!!!
>> Zelda: I'm sorry... I don't have much impression about your songs....



Feb 93 Pati Pati Rock n Roll
>> Imai long interview



Jun 93 Rockin' On Japan
>> super pretty Ani~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nov 93 Rockin' On Japan
>> scary POISON pics


Jan 95 Ongau to Hito
>> the sweetest Atsushi you've ever seen


Jun 95 Ongaku to Hito
>> SIX/NINE interview. Atsushi and maimai getting married


Jun 95 Rockin' On Japan
>> very cool pic of maimai and atsushi in the hotel~~~~


Jun 95 B-PASS
>> BT looked like princesses.........


Oct 95 BPASS
>> hohohoh~~~ you see hide... ~~hohoo~~
>> more live + backstage pictures inside


Nov 96 R&R Newsmaker
>> what he want to see in the dark??
>> CHAOS Tour Final live report


Nov 96 Ongaku to Hito
>> Atsushi n Maimai's honeymoon in Okinawa


Aug 97 Shosetsu JUNE
>> Atsushi X Issay cross talk. oh! i'm so interested to know what were they talking
about in such hot summer day !?


Aug 99 Ongaku to Hito
>> love these pics very much!!


99 Gigs
>> beautiful mai mai and hide~



Creation vol.4 spring 99
>> serene Atsushi by M.Hasui

>> very in-deapth interview by Imai Tomoko

Creation vol.6 summer 00
>> really scary Maimai photographed by Masa but funny interview by Imai Tomoko


Jun 00 Fool's Mate Interview
>> VERY BEAUTIFUL pic of Atsushi


Dec 00 Fool's Mate live Report
>> Gunma Live report. awesome pics


Dec 00 Ongaku to hito
>> One Life One Death live report + interview

>> Atsushi: we're men falling in love...
interviewer: what?
Atsushi: we're in love!!


Feb 01 Fool's Mate
>> happiness index 200 live report and interview
>> funny interview
>> interviewer: what is on your mind when Sakurai san
is coming near you on the stage?
Imai: I just think... he's coming.... he's coming!!!!!!
everyone: *laughs*
Imai: and he stinks of alcohol....


UV vol.65
>> super cool atsushi pics. Good enough for making poster


UV vol.66
>> cool Schwein pics taken in Hie Jinja


May 01 Ongaku to hito
>> Atsushi likes Ricky Martin?!?!?!?!?!


UV vol.69
>> very scary looking Atsushi but superb make-up

>> he talked about his meaning of "homesexuality in the mind"