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BT live / tv programmes not to be missed!

90 or 91 Cdion CM
>> very very very out of fashion Atsushi.......

Koroshi no Shirabe live
>> maimai being sexually harassed by Atsushi. how? see it yourself.

31 Dec 93 GAGA special live
>> the unforgettable see thru shirt of Hide and scary hair cut of maimai
>> SB + BT ICONOCLASM. notice what Atsushi did to Ryoichi...

Space Shower
>> maimai as amaeko-chan

Music Station
>> atsushi being sexually harassed by the host
>> atsushi n maimai fighting
>> 69 aku no hana + uta live + weird little smile when they're showing best BT song poll
>> gay maimai's feathery costume
>> candy live in Nike Shoes

>> all songs turned into pv under the direction of Hayashi Wataru
>> truely great!!!!!!!!

Jul 96 Sound n Vision
>> long tv inerview with the band with comment from their friends, eg J, Fujii Maki, Raymond Watts etc

Energy Void
>> see My Fuckin' Valentine live clips

Sep 5 2000 m.m.m (mail, music, movement) -------
>> you should see how achan describe the red wine and his "difficulties" on pronoucing the words
>> very very very funny!!!

* from FT.018 newsletter*