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BT related persons

>> the scary-looking guitarist of ex-Guniw Tools. Maimai cosplayer

cain and abel
>> characters from the old testament
>> brothers in jealousy.envy
>> subject of Kain

Chan, Justin
>> photographer. those nose-bleeding Atsushi pics in 93 Rockin' On Japan are his works

Chiba Takahiro
>> BT manager since 98. silly guy who always draws silly pictures in Fish Tank newsletters

>> one of the 2 cats (kittens?) of Atsushi. very very cute American Shorthair

Conami Shoko
>> suspecious BT fan. read her manga "horizon no hoshi", "angel blood" etc to see atsushi replicas

Dolce and Gabana
>> Italian super famous brand name. Atsushi claimed it to be his favourite thought he never looks good in DnG clothes......

>> manga character from Shimizu Reiko's science series. character super similar to maimai!

Endo Ryoichi
>> ex-model in JUNE Tanbi Gallery. ex-Soft Ballet vocalist, now in solo project ends
>> victim of "kiss monster" Atsushi in GAGA special live 93. watch this live by all means!!

Fujii Maki
>> keyboardist of ex-Soft Ballet. good friend of Maimai and member of Schaft (maimai's side project)
>> probably the one who infected Maimai with silly and ugly hair style...

Hamade Rie
>> backing vocalist of DORESU

>> full name Hasui Mikio. photographer responsible for CLIMAX TOGETHER, DARKER THAN DARKNESS, SEXTREAM LINER, ONE LIFE ONE DEATH pamphlets etc...

>> the pink spider from ex-XJapan
>> always went drinking with BT guys, esp maimai n Fujii Maki
>> BT played DOUBT 99 in his tribute album SPIRIT
>> Ichikawa (ex-editor of ongaku to hito) claim that hide had "special" relationship with Maimai.....

Hideo Cannon
>> photographer n CG designer for the awesome mid summer night's dream pamphlet

Ichikawa Tetsushi
>> ex-editor of Ongaku to hito. BT expert
>> engaged in a lot of hilarious but no-where talks with BT. super fast talking speed

Imai Tomoko
>> writers for various magazines such as B-Pass, Pati Pati, Creation etc
>> now owner of a pub......

>> someone whom Atsushi admires and admires Atsushi
>> Maimai's enemy

>> self-claimed no.1 BT fan in entertainment business. housemaid of Maimai

>> ex-manager under Shaking Hands Management

>> Hide's dog which looks more like cotton candy

Kakoi Yumiko
>> ex-writer in B-Pass. now freelance(?) mainly for Fool's Mate following Brain Drive, MUCC etc

Kamiryo Wataru
>> forever young drummer. Ani's idol... for his face or his skills?

Kanemitsu Hirofumi
>> editor of ex-Ongaku to hito. BT correspondant for the mag
>> flew a long way to New York to chase after Schwein... could be a reason for Ongaku to Hito's bankruptcy

Keller, Nicci
>> photographer of BT in 96 COSMOS period

Kitajima Akira
>> photographer for various mags n things

Kitaoka kazuhiro
>> photographer of various BT pics, including the lucious aku no hana pati pati pics

>> frequent guest of atsushi's lyrics, eg Maria, Yuuwaku
>> cound be a simple character, could be virgin Mary, could be his mom...

>> funny looking photographer of BT since 96 CHAOS tour. best known for his Maimai pics in Creation

Matsumoto Taiyo
>> mangaka. authour of Maimai's favourite Iron/Concrete, Go Go Monster etc

Mishima Yukio
>> legendary Japanese writer. one of Atsushi's favourite writer
>> beautiful words, deadly themes, exactly the model of Atsushi

Mizuda Hayato
>> aka Brain Drive. good friend of Atsushi n always hanging around in Atsushi's house

Mori Yukinojou
>> poet/writer. Maimai played guitars in many songs in his albums

Morioka Ken
>> keyboarist of ex-Soft Ballet. teenage keyboard player of SEVENTH HEAVEN album

>> BT fans. especially vocalist Tatsuro and bassist Yukke

Murakami Ryu
>> novalist/play writer/film director. author of Coin Locker Babies, Almost Transparent Blue etc. one of Maimai and Atsushi's favourite authors

Nagase Masatoshi
>> actor who looks like the twin brother of Hide

>> one of the cats of Atsushi. super cute!

Ojima Hitoshi
>> ex-roadie, ex-tour manager, ex-boyfriend of you-know-who
>> remember the picture of them wearing lovers' shirts? *we got this pic yo! where? find it by yourself!!*
>> also ex-classmate of hide & u-ta

Ohtomo Katsuhiro
>> creator of Akira. one of Maimai's favourite mangas and animes

Ozaki Minami
>> best known as the author of Zetsu ai n bronze 1989. also drawn numerous BT doujinshi
>> admirer of atsushi

>> one time maimai's favourite thing. probably out of favour now...

>> admirers of BT. covered JUPITER in live. vocalist Kazushi is a well known Atsushi cosplayer

Sakaguchi Ken
>> art director since their indie days. could be really suprising amd innovative,
eg the "life" n "death" motif in COSMOS album booklet

Sakurai Ao
>> insane guitarist from cali/gari, the band of insanity
>> quoted maimai as one of the most influential artist of his life
>> his guitar does sound like Maimai. me n car's comment is that
if cali/gari do not go the old-fashion-80s-pop way, Ao will become Maimai eventually

Soft Ballet
>> an electronic/techno/pop/whatever band debuted about the same period with BT. strange that most BT fans also like SB
>> another half of the infamous GAGA Special 93
>> also see Endo Ryoichi, Morioka Ken and Fujii Maki

Sonic, the mouse of SEGA
>> another one time favourite of Maimai

Tanizaki Takayuki
>> hair and make-up artist of BT. genenrally great works

Tsuchiya Masami
>> musician. invited Atsushi to sing in his solo album FOREST PEOPLE

Van Gogh, Vincent
>> dutch painter who cut his ear off
>> subject of asylum garden

Watanabe Sayuri
>> ex-stylist of BT before 92
>> ex-wife of Atsushi

Watts, Raymond
>> aka PIG. englishman collaborated with Atsushi and Maimai on Schwein and Schaft

Yagi Tomoharu
>> stylist since 92. but artistic sense dropped recently.... (seriously) see One Life One Death stage clothing n Atsushi's latest UV cover.....

Yokoyama Kazutoshi
>> BT manipulator n keyboard player. hentai guy who always go drinking with Maimai n Atsushi
>> also manipulator/keyboard of ex-Guniw Tools n Brain Drive
>> born on Feburary 18

Yoshida Saori
>> manager of Fish Tank
>> (the only) reporter/editor for FT newsletter

Yuki Kaori
>> manga author of angel sanctuary, kaine, shounen zanzhou etc
>> also drawn BT doujinshi