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BT - Gunma Trip Report (4th November 2000)

the next day (4th) we went to Fujioka. it was lucky for us cos there were no train on Sat in normal schedule. we could only catch that particular train cos it was running on some special yearly schedule. usually there would only be trains running there for two or three hours interval. so u could guess how small the town was....-___-;; oppose to what ppl told us, we didn't see Imai Shouten right after exiting the station. there was practically nothing outside the station!! just a few taxi waiting for customers! we were so scared that we might came to the wrong station. we went back into the station to ask the staff where is "imai shouten" n he knew!!!! "baku chiku fans?" he asked. :D

it was a really tiny shop at a few blocks in front of the station, connected to their house. it felt so odd at first just to enter the shop cos i was actually wearing a tour t-shirt... but we did anyway. hahhaa, there was so many BT stuff inside! ancient posters, signed board, pikachu dolls, maimai dolls, BT pics etc...the lady (i think she was the aunt of maimai) asked if where we came from n we said HK. she was quite surprised! she invited us to sit down n called for okaasan!! god! it was maimai's mom!!! even if aunt didn't make the introduction u'll know this cos maimai looks exactly like her! we didn't talked much at first cos we couldn't speak Japanese n she couldn't speak eng...but somehow we mentioned that we went to akasaka blitz the day before n then otousan came out from the house!!! he said he was there too with a proud smile!!! perhaps that's why maimai avoid achan's advance in the gig. papa disappeared into the house for a while. but when we asked mama to take a pic with us, she refused with a shy smile n called papa out again! hahaha, she asked papa to take pic with us instead n papa did! he even gave us some pics of BT in backstage in 69 tour. i'm so moved by their friendliness! i don't know if those pics were souvenir to every fan went there but i was already happy enough.

basically we tried to communicate with each other by writing words (i still kept that paper!!!). we told them that we were students, so mama asked how long we had been staying in Japan, one year or two. she was stunned to know that we were students from HK n just had been Jap for three days...

papa mentioned sth about going to achan's n hide's old house n their school by car. we nodded cos aunt had told us that we could go there by telling the places to any taxi driver. but then...but then papa get up n went out of the house! mama signaled us to come out as well!!! papa was in fact taking us to the places in his car!!!!!!! god, i just wanna cry on spot for his kindness! a million thanx wouldn't be enough. he even played glamourous/trans for us in the car. i could see that the original tape in the player was an enka tape. :) we went to the old fish shop of hide's family. it looked like that it was long closed already. n then to their high school n achan's old house. papa told us that it was rebuilt by achan's brother some years ago. his family still lived there. we even saw his kid (papa: "achan no ani no kodomotachi") running into the house! back into the car, papa asked us to take out the pics he gave us earlier n explained to us the relationship of the boys! maimai knew achan, u-ta knew hide, u-ta n maimai were friends. only the four went to that high school cos ani was a few years older so he wasn't in the same years in school with the four etc etc etc...didn't know any better way to express out thanx, we wrote the jap words of "thanks" n "very moved" on the paper. papa just kept smiling. when we were back to Imai Shouten again, aunt had already checked train timetable for us. either we have to leave then, or we gotta wait for two hours or so. having said as many arigatou as we can, we said goodbye n ran to the station.

i miss them i miss them i miss them!!!! i miss them even more then i miss maimai! they were so nice! that warm smile of mama n papa...i am melting. hahaa, we joked that maybe they'll told maimai about these two crazy HK fans n than maimai would kick us out of fish tank...:p hope not...we had made a pledge that if we have a chance to visit them again, we would be there with fluent japanese so that they won't need to write again. :)