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BT LIVE REPORT -- 3 November 2000 at Akasaka Blitz

*note: this thing was written on about 7th or 8th November 2000 when me n carwind were back from our first BT live in Akasaka Blitz on 3rd Nov. we went to the office of Fish Tank on 2nd n Fujioka on 4th.*

wai wai wai!! me n car are back from our "BT trip"!!! surprisingly, the ppl we miss most isn't achan or hide or maimai but mama n papa of maimai!!! u'll know why...

we went to fish tank to apply for membership on the 2nd...but only to find out that they'll set up counter at akasaka blitz...-___-;; anyway, the office is located in a hip suburban commercial/residential zone of tokyo. in a very elegant building...hahaa, no wonder it's elegant cos it's the home of "banker".

ok, the thing u want to know most...the live! it was just so great!!! must be the best live i've been in these few years. it was out first BT live. our tickets are B 734 n 735 (sth like that), meaning we'll be the last ones to go into the house...but we were able to "swim" to the 7th or 8th row. at first we thought that BT fans are really calm but it's not! well, of course there were ppl just stood there without moving, but there were plenty of them also "swimming" to the front. all thru the live ppl were jumping n dancing n everything...pretty crowded but exciting.

the show started at about 6:30. once hide walked out, i knew that i was going to faint. he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!! wearing black leather coat, red leather pants on top of a zebra paint shirt. god, how could someone be "that" drop dead gorgeous?? atsushi was in a light purple silk shirt with painted roses. he looked a lot more dark n devilish than i thought. very mysterious but too handsome to describe. maimai was in his vivian westwood's pants (the same one in fan club live) matched with a checker coat. uta n ani in their usual suits. but uta's coat was decorated with shiny beads at the rims...don't u think BT guys are going more n more....err...seductive these days?

the first song was "soramimi". achan was pointing to the the fans n shouting "dolly dolly dolly!!" everyone down stage just went crazy! Iconoclasm followed, n other songs of one life one death. seen the pic in fool's mate? achan was also bearing the mic stand on his shoulders in kain, reading from a book in check up. almost like a religious gathering...when it came to sapphire, he slide himself down in the mic stand, touching it "there"...*nosebleed* the most surprising part was that they played loop n kirameki no nakade. every note n singing was perfect! impeccable dreamy atmosphere. when almost every song on one life one death was performed, they played baby i want u. n then my fucking valentine. ha, baby i want u cos u're my fucking valentine. don't mind me. i'm just crazy anyway.

after like 10 mins of stomping, they came out for encore with bran new lover n speed. u won't expect BT fans could go swaying their hands together n following every line of the lyrics like Leon Lai's fans....well, they can be...:) in the second encore, hide came out with a acoustic guitar. i thought it was gonna be Miu but no! it was die!!!!! boku wa tsukimukeru!!!! a weird intro of another song followed. i really couldn't make out what was it until the speedy guitar chord arrived! baby, it's love me! the old version from aku no hana!!! everyone was in ecstasy! jumping around, swaying, holding hands etc...suddenly i felt like going into a 15th anniversary party or sth...

fanservice! the thing u've waited for! ha, not much in this's so very obvious that maimai was avoiding achan all the way! when he went close, maimai could just turn his face as hide...poor achan...he bought u-ta to the front of the stage in one song (forgot which one). u-ta was smiling so brightly (he was smiling all thru the live! n singing to every lyric of the songs!!) n sang with achan. but suddenly, he rose to his tip toe n kissed achan on the cheek! achan gave him a my-god-what-are-u-doing glare n wiped the back of his hand against the spot with pretended disgusted expression. ha, maimai just looked on with his classic poker face....:D i'm in love with u-ta now! he was so cute! he went to the mic after all the members were gone n shout "mata ne!!" in his childish voice!! so cute so cute!!! he gained a nickname from me n car...that's "little red riding hood"...:p oh, we went to some shops selling photos in harajuku. there were even more u-ta's pics than achan!!! no toll. a few maimai, but most of them are really weird...just a few hide n achan....less than u-ta anyway...surprised?

we meet up with some Jap fans after the live. they went up to the first row but unfortunately couldn't touch achan. it's so funny cos one of them got the water bottle from hide. yes, the bottle was still half full. u can still drink from there...after hide did...\*0*/ "hide's bottle!! touch touch!!" she said n let us touch that. :DDDD the other one got a glass from achan. "achan's cup! touch touch!!". wahahhaaa....we were just like those silly fan girls from primary school...see what power does BT possess...