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notice the welcome message by Atsushi? BT's official website. got latest news, mags exposure, babbles of manager, silly drawings of the guys etc. interesting yo...

official ends site. latest news n things of ends. got a bbs for messages. ferquently updated with weird live reviews by Ryoichi.

Imai n Sakurai's side project with Raymond Watts n Sascha
Hotei's brother's's called "hints of love" by the way...-___-;;

Hotei Tomoyasu's personal website. the guitarist who had collaborated with Soft Ballet, BT, n various artists.
website of the monthly free paper JAM. produced by staff from ex-Jrock magazines. uploaded the column of Ryoichi.

from so-net. Ryoichi's column updated every two weeks.


Buck-Tick related website

Pink san's fans site for BT!!!! very nice site about the band including a busy bbs for info exchange. see the soramimi page n quotes...:)

Yukko's BT, ends, SB, Brain Drive, Ishigaki Ai etc etc site. contains live report of many ends live. good place to start with ends n BT.
half-doujinshi site by Junko! some doujinshi uploaded. u could also upload your own sweet/strange illustration onto the bbs to obtain other's comment!
fan site for the one n the only Hoshino Hidehiko!!!!! very funny little site!

Shizuka san's BT site. also have information about BT doujinshi.

Enriko-chan n Mina's fans site!
homepage fo BT dpujinshi circle Moomin Valley!!! could place back order for the books. ^_~
super cool site by Coo. see the illustration!!!!!!


ends related website
very informative ends site with timeline, reports, articles n a Ryoichi QnA!! managed by Hinagiku.

ends, SB, BD sites by Hiroi. with very good presonal comment for the musicians.

funy site about ends, Ishigaki Ai, sexmachineguns etc. also got doujinshi for ordering!

miya san's ends site.
Shi-no san's ends fan site. detailed information n also a request/link page for fans to look for Ryoichi related things on internet.


Soft Ballet Related website
Kamadouma the only SB site u ever need for discography. super detailed introduction to SB.