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Sakurai Atsushi
Aka: achan
birthday: 7th March 1966
blood type: O

vocalist. though he's put on quite some weight but I still have to say that heˇ¦s an absolute beauty. main lyrics writer of the band till sometime like 98-00. later shares the duty with Imai (6:4). could write about everything from celestial grace to totally wrap psychopath. 24-7 drinking n smoking. the object of desire for most fans, probably female. captured the heart of out innocent Imai..........*sigh*

Imai Hisashi
Aka: maimai
birhtday: 21st October 1965
blood type: O

alien guitarist who fell to earth. responsible for all those weird noise of the band. with supernatural bone structure that enables him to do supernatural moves on stage, eg stomping his right foot when he is playing guitars left-handed. fan of all sorts of anime ranging from violent Akira to innocent Pikachuˇ...
victim of demon achan. object of desire for male fans.

Hoshino Hidehiko
Aka: hide, or the ever so elegant Hoshino sama
birthday: 16th June 1966
blood type: A

elegant guitar bloke. does such thing really exists on earth? always changing in dressing style, from horrible one-length hair do to cyber look to checkered suits in recent lives. most of the melodies he wrote are gentle n smooth numbers. forever handsome (to me). will never talk in interview, but always the first one to leave the stage as if someone would come up to eat him. maniac for cars.

Higuchi Yutaka
Aka: u-ta, or little red riding hood
birthday: 24th January 1967
blood type: A

the cute bassist from this scary looking band. always smiles and sings to every word in live gigs. probably could remember all the lyrics better than achan. the PR department head of the band, responsible for giving answers in interviews when other members are sulking n wanting to leave. unlike his elder brother, heˇ¦s now letting his hair down, not bart simpson hair do anymore, which is good I think.

Yagami Toll
Aka: ani
birthday: 19th August 1962
blood type: A

your boss. the boss of all Buck-Tick fans and also the band. head of Banker, the management company of Buck-Tick. probably the most wealthy one with stable income from business (our groundless assumption). elder brother of U-ta, in fact serves like an elder brother for all the members. Insists that he must have his hair up when B-T as a band appears, so as to complete the transformation from individuals to one single unity.